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CRYSTAL MISSIONS Software company, deeply focused on providing high quality mobile and web applications.
We are former Android enthusiasts who evolved to mobile and web applications developers. Our collaboration dates back to college times, when we started working on our own ideas. Even though we graduated in Information Systems, one of our first projects was an Android application for streaming of Slovak online radios – SK Radio, which we are still improving. Our work was also awarded in the poll of MojAndroid – SK Radio won 4ka Android Code 2019 award as the best app in the News and Media category. Since the beginning of our journey with this project, we gained a lot of experience in Android development and quickly expanded our portfolio with many more Android applications. In recent years we began to cooperate with Huawei in the process of adapting to the AppGallery platform and HarmonyOS.

Over the years, we have specialized in mobile and web applications development and assisted our clients with their websites by implementing custom features into their running sites, configuring e-commerce solutions and improving their positions in search engines.

Since the beginning, our main principle is developing high quality and reliable software.

Our team
Crystal Missions CEO

Tomáš Kuba

I am determined to create simple solutions that are easy to understand and easy to maintain, always seeking ways to improve myself and my work. I really like UI/UX and everything related to Android development.

Crystal Missions CEO

Marek Potkan

I always enjoyed solving all kinds of challenges in software development. Helping others using the technology and seeing them benefit from my outcomes has always been the best reward I could get.

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