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SK Radio, an app from our production, got into a shortlist of applications, that were selected to take part in the competition for the best Android app in Slovakia for year 2019. 4ka Android Code is an annual contest, where people can vote for their favorite apps in various categories. In addition to editorial nominations, the winning applications, which arose from a monthly vote of readers on the portal, were also included in the survey last year. Readers voted throughout the year in a series of regular monthly articles with a selection of the best Slovak applications. This year, participating applications were divided into following categories:

  • Transport and travel
  • Games
  • Buying and selling
  • News and media
  • Education
  • Finance and business
  • Slovak applications (general)
  • World Slovak applications

The vote took place from November to January. SK Radio finished in the first place, winning the award for the best Android app in Slovakia in the category News and media. We are very happy for all the support and votes from the app’s users and readers of MojAndroid portal. Winning this award means a lot to us as it is a symbol of all the hard work we put into our effort of developing products with great emphasis on quality. It is very encouraging to know that even a small company like us can compete with big players in the field of application development.

SK Radio is a simple and easy-to-use application through which you can listen to your favorite Slovak online radio stations. All you need is internet connection. Take a look at all the app’s features and see the complete list of our radio streaming applications, which we have released for other countries as well.

Read more about our journey with SK Radio and the 4ka Android Code contest.

Best app award
Best app award