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During September 2021, the poll for the best Slovak Android app released in the AppGallery store, AppGallery Code, has taken place for the first time. The poll was announced and organized by, in cooperation with general partner, Huawei. All the nominations for the poll were chosen by organizers as well. The contest was held to present rapid growth of Huawei ecosystem in central Europe. All the votes were made by application users and readers of portal during one month period.

In this poll, there were 6 categories, containing 62 nominees in total. This year’s categories were following:

  • Travel
  • Finances
  • Tools
  • Operators
  • News
  • Free time

Our application SK Radio – Slovak Online Radios, was nominated in the Free time category.

Our journey with AppGallery

We developed and released our radio streaming applications to AppGallery store already in its very beginnings, because we had believed in the store’s good perspective in the market of the central Europe. Due to rapid increase in the amount of Huawei’s devices and wearables, it was only a matter of time, when the new store would be introduced. Moreover, thanks to Huawei Mobile Services, we could use the full potential it offers. We especially appreciate HUAWEI IAP Service, Ads Publisher Service and Crash Service.

AppGallery Code results

More than 11 000 voters took part in the competition. As for SK Radio in AppGallery Code 2021 poll – it won the third place, nearing one thousand voters! We thank for all the supporters and we wish the best for Huawei’s new store, AppGallery. We believe that events and contests like this would convince other development teams that are still not decided, to finally release their applications to this emerging store. We definitely recommend them to expand their audience and business with AppGallery.

You can see the complete results of the poll here.