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CRYSTAL MISSIONS Software company, deeply focused on providing high quality mobile and web applications.

All our radio streaming applications are simple to use, nice and fast companions for all situations, when you want to listen to news, music, or your favorite online shows. Nearing a million installs in application stores, these popular apps take an important part of Music & Audio category. Our applications provide following features:

  • Full list of online radio stations, always up to date
  • High & low listening quality
  • Information about show or artist and song name
  • Possibility to create list of favourite radio stations
  • Sleep timer
  • Radio alarm
  • Equalizer
  • Highly customizable player – buffer size, audio focus, Wi-Fi only setting
  • Possibility to add own streams
  • All apps are compatible with Chromecast and Android Auto
  • Bluetooth devices compatibility
  • Minimal permission requirements and visual advertising
  • Many enhancements and personalization abilities

Due to the simplicity, these applications are popular amongst Android users from the beginning. It is proved by the fact that SK Radio, app for streaming Slovak online radio stations, won App of the year 2019 poll. You can read more about the poll here.

Complete list of radio streaming applications available on Google Play:

Our growing portfolio of applications on the App Store: